Piss us off and we’ll piss on you:
With a special wall coating that splashes urine back at you.
An action of St. Pauli’s Community of Interest (IG St. Pauli e.V.)
1. Drunks pee against walls and house facades. 
2. We apply superhydrophobic coating – extremely water-repellent!
3. Now, walls splash urine back at them.
St. Pauli has over 20 million visitors every year, making it Hamburg’s most famous party district. But despite prohibitions, fines and public toilets, drunks simply pee wherever they like. This ruins the city’s image and pisses off residents. That’s why St. Pauli’s Community of Interest (IG St. Pauli e.V.) asked us for a non-bureaucratic solution that would neither scare away tourists nor work against the district’s rough charm.

But how do you solve a problem that has no official solution?
With a guerilla stunt: We applied super-hydrophobic coating to highly frequented walls in the neighborhood. A customary shelf product so water-repellent that water – as well as urine – splashes off the wall much more forcefully than off untreated walls. This makes for wet pants and shoes when peeing.

The outcome:
Not only did our message reach our peeing target group – with zero media budget, the action’s video spread over the internet and quickly became worldwide news. Over 200,000,000 media impressions created enormous publicity for the area, its people and the Community of Interest. Organizations, large events and even countries – such as Australia and India – asked to continue the action. And finally, St. Pauli residents reported that the number of peeing incidents has reduced not only where walls had been coated.
“Those who pee wherever they please, be warned: Not all walls carry a warning sign…”
Julia Staron, Quarters Manager Reeperbahn of IG St. Pauli e.V.